Usable Data for CPG Brands Targeting High Indexing Health Conscious Females 18-34 years old with Consumer Sampling Activations

November 17, 2023

The below case study by UM Marketing (UM) provides a clear example of how to achieve High ROI.

Through UM’s Upscale Fitness Center Consumer Sampling Program, the participating Tier 1 CPG personal hygiene product, returned a remarkable 85% sample trial rate, with 65% of consumers indicating an intent to purchase, a 32% increase in product awareness and a 24% post-trial purchase.

Skill 1: Psychographic/Demographic Targeting

Description: Strategic consumer targeting is key to reaching the intended brand consumer. UM Targeting, offers brands the ability to target affluent Health Conscious females 18-34 years old in High Indexing Fitness Centers (100% market penetration).

Actionable Tip: Identify and target environments where your product can be most effectively tried.

Common Mistake to Avoid: Don’t limit your product sampling efforts to part of the market, for high conversion rates, target the entire strategic target market.

Skill 2: Data-Driven Decisions

Description: Making informed decisions based on data is vital. UM’s Fortune 50 brand clients’ distribution is measured through clear metrics, ensuring a data-driven approach.

Actionable Tip: Use UM analytics to track & understand the impact of your sampling strategies.

Common Mistake to Avoid: Avoid basing decisions on assumptions; rely on data to guide your strategies.

Skill 3: Budget Management

Description: Efficient budgeting is key to maximizing ROI. UM’s Unique and targeted Consumer Sampling Programs focus on high-ROI consumers and venues, ensuring cost-effective sampling.

Actionable Tip: Allocate your budget to strategies that offer measurable returns.

Common Mistake to Avoid: Avoid overspending on broad, unfocused sampling initiatives.

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At UM Marketing, we specialize in creating targeted, efficient & data-driven Consumer Product Sampling Programs for Tier 1 and Tier 2 CPG brands. UM Case Study showcases the success we can deliver your brand. Are you ready to achieve similar results? Book a call with UM Marketing’s Marketing Director Daniel Balter today and let’s elevate your brand’s sampling strategy to the next level.