Consumer Sampling Programs

Creative, well-executed sampling programs – targeting specific market segments – are among the most powerful tools for cost-effectively building brands.

UM Marketing has connected millions of consumers with some of the world’s leading brands.

Whether it’s something consumers eat or drink, wear or apply to their bodies, or use in their home, office or place of study, we’ve helped our clients plan cost-effective, custom sampling campaigns geared to meeting their brand building objectives [popular samples].

At UM Marketing, sampling is at the core of our personal touch marketing strategy. We focus our efforts on promotions where consumers connect and interact with client brands in a way that’s personally meaningful and useful to them, in places where they live, work or play. Our strategy is to distribute client samples to consumers where and when they are most likely to use them, e.g., soap sampling in fitness centers. In doing so, we set the foundation for providing our clients with high conversion rates, exposure, and tremendous return on investment.

UM Marketing is at the forefront of creating unique and targeted sampling programs [campaign results]. We combine our expertise and experience in personal touch marketing with our extensive and exclusive North American distribution channels, enabling our clients to choose the most effective channels by age, gender, geography, activity and income [distribution channels]. While some of these distribution channels are seasonal in nature, many are available to our clients throughout the year. Moreover, UM Marketing can efficiently and effectively distribute millions of samples to thousands of locations across either the U.S or Canada within the same week.

Our ability to reach millions of consumers in thousands of locations within such a short time period is due to the singular focus we place on superior execution throughout the life cycle of a sampling program, which includes development and delivery, as well as rigorous campaign controls and reporting. This encompasses secure warehousing of client samples, various shipping options, post-campaign written and photographic documentation [from every distribution point], and recommendations for future campaigns [process flow diagram].

Sampling rates vary depending on timing, distribution channel, volume of samples and the geographic scope of distribution. The rate for a campaign involving more than two million samples will be 50% lower than the rate for a campaign involving 100,000 – 200,000 samples.

Typically, UM Marketing requires 10-30 business days to co-ordinate the custom sampling campaigns of our clients. We can develop, attach or insert contest entries, order forms, coupons, applications, and brochures to the samples.

To talk to a UM Marketing representative about creative, well-executed custom sampling programs, please call this toll free number 1.877.893.8661, or email us at