Local Events

UM Marketing creates, organizes and executes events addressing local, regional or national marketing requirements. Their timing may be tied to an annual ritual [such as the beginning of the academic school year] or to your fiscal corporate marketing efforts [such as new product launches and co-ordinated, multi-brand promotions].

Events by UM Marketing can take many forms to create the ideal venue for connecting the targeted market segment with the client brand:

  • Sporting/racing events [skiing, biking, skateboarding and wakeboarding] position your brand at the center of an exclusive environment for product placements, advertising, signage, trials, sampling, and makeovers.
  • Music concerts set the stage for effectively promoting your brand in a cool, relaxed and fun environment.
  • Client-sponsored block parties, organized in multiple locations across the country, offer an effective means to reach local markets.
  • Branded party buses traveling around the country can be used to promote beverages or beauty products.
  • Makeover parties executed in malls across the country generate enormous exposure through favorable word of mouth.
  • Poker tournaments are terrific advertising platforms for products appealing to young, adult males.

Whatever the nature of the event, UM Marketing’s strategy for ensuring campaign effectiveness is simple: create a venue that provides the greatest receptivity and a lasting impression among members of the targeted demographic.

In creating and organizing events, UM Marketing can apply its full range of promotional capabilities, including access to our exclusive distribution channels and field experience. This includes content creation, comprehensive logistics, and the production involved in executing national events across the U.S. or Canada. We also provide various forms of feedback, such as video documentation from each event location.

For more information about our event planning services, please call our toll free number 1.877.893.8661, or email us at events@umworld.com