Venue-Based Distribution & Targeting

UM Marketing has a 10-year track record in developing and executing creative turnkey promotional programs that deliver exceptional results for our clients. Through our core competencies in sampling and promotional activities – and our access to exclusive, targeted distribution channels – we work with clients to create cost-effective turnkey programs that achieve superb conversion rates.

We tailor our turnkey promotional programs to meet the specific needs of our clients – large, global corporations, government and non-profit organizations operating in North America. All of our promotional programs place something of high perceived value into the hands of consumers within a targeted, market segment. This enables consumers to interact with brands in a manner that’s personally meaningful and useful to them – a key element for achieving high exposure and conversion rates.
These “personal touch” promotional programs can be local, regional or national in scope and encompass such activities as the distribution of samples, product trials, acquisitions, giveaways, or marketing collaterals. Additional media capabilities can be incorporated to ensure a successful campaign, including creative and advertising.

UM Marketing brings a creative, out-of-the box approach in developing unique promotional programs for our clients, but we also take pride in our execution capabilities. Our seamless execution is based on proprietary, client-centric processes that encompass the life cycle of a turnkey promotional program:

  • client engagement
  • program development
  • delivery
  • feedback reports

Whether your promotional program involves a handful of locations as part of a local or regional campaign, or thousands of sites as part of a co-ordinated, national campaign, UM Marketing has the people and the processes to deliver the results you want.

To talk to a UM Marketing representative about creative, well-executed turnkey promotional programs, please call this toll free number 1.877.893.8661, or email us at