Reach Targeted Audiences

Unique distribution channels are one of UM Marketing’s major assets in helping our clients create effective, targeted campaigns. We offer 40-plus national distribution channels in Canada and the United States, covering the entire demographic spectrum – from tweens to seniors. Our channels are grouped within seven major categories:

  • Student
  • Fitness/sporting
  • Resort/hotel/camping
  • Community
  • Entertainment
  • Retail/commercial
  • Personal/medical care

The 40-plus national channels enable our clients to effectively connect with hard-to-reach market segments. Many clients are impressed by the reach and uniqueness of our channels and the precision with which they can target significant audiences.

In working with clients to define optimal distribution channels for their campaigns, UM Marketing analyzes the basic demographic and other profiles associated with it, such as income and activity. Through such analysis, UM Marketing can help clients define, for example, the channels that would enable them to most effectively reach low-income, single moms, or affluent, physically active adult males.

For more detail about our national distribution channels in the U.S. and Canada, please view these tables [distribution channels].

To talk to a UM Marketing representative about harnessing the power of our distribution channels, please call this toll free number 1.877.893.8661, or email us at